Expoprotection 2020 Awards


Occupational and Industrial Risks Category

Axomove - The expertise of physiotherapists for the health of employees


Axomove is a digital solution designed to reduce absenteeism at work. It enables employees suffering from pain to be relieved thanks to support from physiotherapists available in teleconsultation, video exercise programmes and microlearning modules. 


BE ATEX - BW Icon, the only ready-to-use multi-gas detector


BW Icon is a portable, maintenance-free four-gas detector with a two-year lifespan that protects operators from hazardous gases. Simply turn on the unit and you're protected for two years at no extra cost (no sensor or battery replacement).


Damart Pro - ACTIV BODY 4, the best weight/heat ratio


Activ Body 4 is a 1st layer underwear made by Damart (a French brand known for 67 years for its Thermolactyl® label). This label guarantees an excellent level of warmth and breathability for a reduced weight and thickness. 


Industrial Scientific - SAFER One, Dynamic plume modelling software


SAFER One is a plume modelling software that provides the real-time information needed to act proactively during a chemical incident and limit the risks for your personnel, your installation and the population living nearby.


Leborgne - 'Toucan' grating and manhole cover lifter nanovib

The grating and manhole cover lifter is a 3-in-1 tool for handling all types of gratings (spout side) / gratings (spigot side).

Its ergonomic handle allows for multiple grips and its tubular steel handle is very resistant. It weighs 4.60kg and is 1.20m high.


Mekap - M+Safety ,World-first access control system that integrates technology to safety shoes.

M+Safety is access control system. System runs with 4 components: Safety shoes, RFID tag, receiver and software. Identify or authorize (to control prohibited area access) person with their safety shoes. Receiver takes information automatically via wireless and send to information software.


Moten Technologies - S.M.A.R.T., the innovation that listens to the body


MOTEN TECHNOLOGIES offers an innovative solution characterising the biomechanical risk factors: repetitiveness, effort and postures. Our tools objectively evaluate the physical workload of an operator in a situation and are integrated into the framework of Ergonomics services.


PMS Industrie - KTP EVO, Unique 3-in-1 concept of indissociable fall arrest elements


The KTP EVO range patented by PMS Industrie is unique on the market: 1 harness, 1 lanyard and 1 connector that cannot be dismantled form a complete individual protection system that can be used instantly.

Five different models to meet the main demands of the fall arrest market.


Percko - Lyne PRO, the waistcoat that protects your back at work


Slipped over a layer of clothing, Lyne Pro is a back protection waistcoat that accompanies the user's movements and allows him to adopt good posture throughout the working day, thus limiting movements that are risky for his back and muscular fatigue. 


PURIFOG AIR, the essentials for a purified environment


PURIFOG AIR is a real revolution for the health safety sector.

PURIFOG diffuses a dry mist that attracts the microparticles in the air towards the floor. Easy, fast and effective, PURIFOG Air will eliminate more than 99% of bacteria in the air and on surfaces.


Quarks Services - Quarks Safety Access Point, solution for instant access to chemical emergency information

Detachable access terminal for instant, connection-free access :

- to the list of MSDSs of the place concerned
- the quantities stored by category (flammable, oxidants, etc.)
- the telephone numbers of the trained personnel
- evacuation plans
- fluid cut-off modalities


Safehear - The augmented headset that adapts to the work environment


In the industrial environment, communicating in a noisy environment while remaining safe is almost impossible. Our headset will help prevent risks by improving communication between employees.


T2S - DATI PLUS, Isolated worker alert system


DATI PLUS is a communicating device that detects a risk situation (automatic or manual) and transmits it to helpers (company employees or outsourced remote monitoring) in order to intervene quickly with the isolated worker. 


Triax - Mobile safety ladder with side access


Depending on the situation and the space available, frontal access to the vehicle is not always possible. With this in mind, TRIAX has developed its new mobile ladder with side access. Thanks to an ingenious winch system, the ladder can be swung backwards to free itself. 


Univet - Safety glasses with corrective lenses model 572


The Contemporary 572 range interprets elegance and style in the world of protection, revolutionising the concept of safety eyewear and reflecting Univet's philosophy: to make protective eyewear fascinating and comfortable for people to take care of their eyes.


Uno Apparel - Thermalli Workwear : unique line of intelligent clothing equipped with a heating module


Designed for your daily use, Thermalli Workwear parkas and waistcoats are perfect for your outdoor activities or for areas with relatively low temperatures such as warehouses, etc. You can enjoy a new level of thermal comfort during your outdoor activities.