What's in store for 2020?

Expoprotection is also a complete programme to address the challenges faced by risk prevention and management professionals.

Talks and workshops

"Balancing performance and sustainability of materials for body protection"

By Christine Browaeys, T3Nel 

Mini-training courses by Marc Pichaud, founder of Just Do IP: 

- What maintenance to preserve the effectiveness of your video protection system?

- How to build an efficient video protection system?

Anact will give 2 conferences:

- "Teleworking: how to work better from a distance tomorrow"

- "What is the role and functioning of the Social and Economic Committee after the crisis?"

Our partners are supporting the show

With its 20,000 visitors, Expoprotection is one of the leading prevention trade shows and the Anact is pleased to be exhibiting there alongside other institutional players in the field of prevention. 

French National Agency for the Improvement of Working Conditions

Expoprotection is for the AN2V an unmissable event, engraved in our shelves every two years (like APS!) where our forces will certainly all be deployed during these 3 days. 

French National Association for Video Protection

Expoprotection is an essential meeting place to discover innovations and exchange on tomorrow's issues with the actors of the textile industry of professional clothing and uniforms. 

European Centre for Innovative Textiles

Expoprotection is an important exhibition for the market. It brings together all the professions in the field of electronic security and human surveillance at European level. For the evolution and sustainability of the profession, it will be necessary to link these two aspects: technology and human.

Security Professionals Association

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In 2020, Expoprotection will host for the first time the awards ceremony for the FFMI (French Federation of Firefighting Professions) Oscar for fire safety!

The Oscar aims to reward a company, site or team that has implemented and developed a particularly exemplary fire safety strategy.

Nominations are open until September 15 in the following categories: "Innovation", "Fire Prevention", "Fire Safety Management" and "Specific Site".

Expoprotection Connect, the Business Meetings programme for project leaders and solution providers

Are you promoting  a short-, medium- or long-term project? Take advantage of the Expoprotection Connect one-on-one meeting programme.

-    Personalised support package

-    Targeted, made-to-measure, scheduled appointments

-    And further benefits both before and during the show