Experts Villages

  • NEW! Experts Villages

  • New for 2018, Expoprotection invites you to discover 4 Experts Villages structured around the latest themes:


    MSD Prevention,

    IoT & Smart Protection,

    Private Security & Technology,

    and Crisis Management.


    Come and meet these expert exhibitors!

  • IoT & Smart Protection

    In the wake of the digital revolution, the IoT (Internet of Things) continues to grow rapidly. The four key functionalities of smart devices (optimisation, autonomy, monitoring and control) have a growing number of applications in risk prevention and management.
    Come to the IoT & Smart Protection Village to meet experts and see examples in action, and find the solutions to your needs.

    In partnership with
  • MSD Prevention

  • MSDs account for 87% of work-related illnesses (source: AM-RP)
    Although these are the number one work-related illness in France, musculoskeletal disorders are not inevitable. There was even a slight fall (-4.1%) recorded between 2015 and 2016.*
    The number of prevention solutions is increasing, making it possible to not only reduce MSD risk, but to do so while improving employees’ quality of life and company performance.
    Come and discover the MSD Prevention Village!

    In partnership with

    Percko - booth L4 / Back Office Santé - booth L6 / Eose - booth M5 / E-Cobot - booth M3 / Atid Consulting - booth M2


    *source Assurance Maladie-Risques Professionnels

  • Crisis Management

  • Where a crisis arises it demands rapid response, often in stressful situations. If the crisis has not been anticipated, and the organisation is unprepared, the exact conditions can result in potentially fatal errors or delays in decision-making and communication.
    In the current context of multiplying, previously-unseen risks, coupled with ultra-fast spread of information, crisis management is more than ever a vital issue for organisations.
    Come and discover the Crisis Management Village!
  • Private Security & Technology

  • In the field of private security, the development of a combined Human + Technologies offering responds precisely to customers’ needs and to the challenge of leveraging services to enable investment in skills and performance: this is the way forward.
    Come and discover how manned surveillance is already being deployed in technology!
    In partnership with
     Excelium - booth G132 / Ranc Developpement - booth G128 / ONET - booth G130

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